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My deviantART Story

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 12:22 PM
How has deviantART helped you grow as an individual and/or as an artist?

My first deviation posted to this site was on September 3, 2007.
Weewoo by plutoplus1

Not a very good one, to be honest.  At the time, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with art.  As it says in my artists comments from 7 years ago: "I drew this on flash. I am not the greatest artist, but I can kinda draw. I prefer to write, but I appreciate incredible art".  This is still true today.  I still can't draw.  But seeing some of the incredible art on this site led me to take classes at my local college so I could learn more about the wonderful world of art.

Some of my other earliest deviations were my photographs from that class:

Pink African Daisy by plutoplus1  Golden Weeds and Sky by plutoplus1  Orange Oakland Sun by plutoplus1 

And then I realized, I can take a decent picture.  And I have some interesting ones to share, too!

Disneyland Snow White Fountain by plutoplus1 Colorful Ferris Wheel by plutoplus1  Magical Trail Path Bend by plutoplus1

And after my class in photography, I started working with Photoshop.  I took an introduction class with my sister, and didn't really like it at first.  Use just a mouse to draw on a computer?  Wow not that fun.  My Photoshop work sucked!  But as time progressed, I got better at it.  Some of my first photoshop images combined horses, an animal I have always loved, with photos I had taken.  The exercise of the one below was to use a photograph and a scanned image; the horse is from one of my horse calendars (which has since met the garbage) so I don't recall who the photographer of the horse is.

Magical Bend White Horse by plutoplus1  and Magical Trail Path Bend by plutoplus1

And so my work progressed.  I tried to stick with using my own stock as much as I could; at the time, I was not very familiar with the creative commons license, so it seemed the wiser choice.  The images below all use a background photograph taken by me (in some cases, more than one background photo combined):

Nature's Equine Servant by plutoplus1  Park Pathway White Horse by plutoplus1  Choices of Life II by plutoplus1

From Another Place by plutoplus1  Edge of Tomorrow by plutoplus1  I'll Follow You by plutoplus1

Crooked California Trails by plutoplus1  Nature's Wooden Door by plutoplus1  Caribbean Sunset by plutoplus1

Well, after that point I was hooked on art.  I took one additional photoshop class so I could learn more about it, and then was self-taught from there on out.  I realized I could express myself in art through photomanipulation.  I didn't have to be some incredible artist who draws, paints, sketches, molds, etc.  Photographs were already perfect and I could combine them to make interesting and different images, from fan art to personal requests such as flying pink horses for family members.

Ghost Riders in the Sky by plutoplus1   Twin Skies by plutoplus1   Resting Point by plutoplus1

Through the years my art did get better (I like to think, anyway).  I would look back on some of my original pieces and think, wow, that's bad.  So I'd redo it.  I don't have many examples of this, because I'd end up replacing the original on DA as well, but here is one in particular that I think shows this.  The original (left) was quite popular thanks to Diana Gabaldon writing such good books.  I always felt like it was not that great, and worked up the courage to attempt a more accurate version of the same photo, incorporating more things from the novel in the scene.  For example, in the novel, the standing stone circle is up on a hill behind the main characters.  There is a broken down cottage at the foot of this hill.  For those not familiar with the books, the reason for the split images is that time travel is involved.  Starz is making a tv series about the books for those too lazy to read the very large novels :)

Separation - Outlander by plutoplus1   Outlander by plutoplus1

From there on out, I shared mainly photography and photomanipulation.  These were two things I enjoyed, and still do today. 

In fact, my first and only daily deviation was for a photograph I took:

Energy by plutoplus1

My photomanipulation probably outranks my photography in what I enjoy doing most and what I have shared the most of on here.  Regardless, watchers (who I appreciate very much) will continue to get a good mix from me, as I continually refine my craft and share my art with the DeviantArt world.


Room to Spread My Wings by plutoplus1  Fire God by plutoplus1  Spring by plutoplus1  Coming or going? by plutoplus1

Aqua de Vida by plutoplus1     Home by plutoplus1  While the young rest by plutoplus1   Space Flight by plutoplus1

Incredible Journey by plutoplus1  Reflection by plutoplus1     Alignment by plutoplus1   Rest by plutoplus1

  Inspiration by plutoplus1  Unicorn by plutoplus1  What's Out There by plutoplus1   Into the Light by plutoplus1

Fan Art:

Mine by plutoplus1   Kate and Curran by plutoplus1  Walker Papers by plutoplus1


Sunset Surfboards by plutoplus1  Hanauma Bay by plutoplus1  Place of Refuge by plutoplus1  Mini Coastal Alaska by plutoplus1

Green Sea Turtle by plutoplus1  Goblin Valley by plutoplus1  Park Avenue by plutoplus1  Canyonlands National Park by plutoplus1

Train 1 by plutoplus1  Train 3 by plutoplus1  Vancouver - Bridge by plutoplus1  Vancouver by plutoplus1

Thanks for reading!

Stock Stuff

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 16, 2014, 11:56 AM
Check out my stock account:


Also, check out this stock group. Please join and add some stock!


Some of my more recent art:

The Ruins by plutoplus1  Alignment by plutoplus1  Rest by plutoplus1  Inspiration by plutoplus1

Some current photography of mine:

Canyonlands National Park by plutoplus1  Park Avenue by plutoplus1  Balanced Rock by plutoplus1  Goblin Valley by plutoplus1


Check out Equimanipulation :)

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 8, 2014, 11:52 AM
There is a contest going on over at :iconequimanipulation:…

And if you are interested in the group, join!  If you do join, please send Elvish-Legacies a note and let them know you joined the group because of me.  Or just send me a note or comment, and I can tell them.

Thanks :D

Check it out :)

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 9, 2013, 11:36 PM
So my premium account expires today.  Just thought I'd post my stock account in a journal and some of my artwork.  I don't like posting journal's without a skin, so I probably won't update my journal for a good long while unless something really important comes up.

Thanks for reading :)

Check out my stock account:


Also, check out my new stock group.  Please join and add some stock!


Lastly, some of my most recent artwork.  Enjoy!

Coming or going? by plutoplus1 Race by plutoplus1 Incredible Journey by plutoplus1
Reflection by plutoplus1 Space Flight by plutoplus1 The Forgotten by plutoplus1

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Journal Entry: Thu Sep 27, 2012, 9:01 PM
So my last journal has been up for way too long.  I got tired of looking at it, even though I love all the art I posted in it.  Plus that thing was just so long.  Lol.

I don't really have anything to say in this journal.  I'll share a fun story instead.  It's short :)

On Talk Like a Pirate Day, my friend and I dressed up like Pirates and waited in line for 2 hours to each get a free dozen donuts at Krispy Kreme.  That was fun!

See, toldya it was short.

Um...let's see, if anyone has any art they want featured, send me a note.  Or a contest, or a friend, I don't care what.  Next journal I post, I'll link to it.

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Fan Art - My Favorite Books

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 6, 2012, 11:43 PM
I have read a lot of books this summer, and books tend to inspire art in me.  I thought, then, that I would share some of my favorite fan art of my favorite books.  I am totally a book nerd; I love to read and talk about any books, including ones I have not read yet, because I am always on the lookout for a new series.  I know I am forgetting some of them, but these are the books I have been reading over the past few years.  
So, hit me up if you ever want to talk about books.  Seriously! :)  

Also, I am always looking for more fan art that really captures what the series is, so please share if you have some!

Diana Gabaldon - Outlander Series
James Fraser-the outlander by aryundomiel Je suis prest by ladameblanche Secret Halls by linzo-brummba Lallybroch by paintedponygirl the MacKenzie brothers by aryundomiel I take ye... by Emmillustrate Outlander - I Believe You by leabharlann Outlander - Choices by leabharlann No mercy by aryundomiel Separation - Outlander by plutoplus1

Karen Marie Moning - Fever Series  
:thumb208480090: fever: Jericho and Mac by MathiaArkoniel Jericho Barrons by Manweri MacKayla by Zardra Eric Etebari 2 by PixelAnarchy Fever series_Barrons_Mac by Rofer96 Whenever you're ready, Ms. Lane... by plutoplus1

Ilona Andrews - Kate Daniels Series
magic strikes by snozombie3 :thumb220116796: Commission: part 1 by sharpiekan Little_cat by ChrisTais :thumb140590890: Kate Daniels by janegrey Kate and Curran by plutoplus1

Kim Harrison - Rachel Morgan Series
Rachel Ivy and Jenks by Juls23 by juls23 Kim Harrison Fan Art: Trent by ValliantCreations Kiss me, Rachel, to wake up by lilalaune4 Hollows - Braid by Irrel :thumb245599621: Rachel Morgan Fan Art by ValliantCreations

Patricia Briggs - The Mercy Thompson Series
Alpha and Omega by RecoveringZombie Call of the Hunt by LMessecar Embrace_MxA by blackpearl9925 Gentle kiss by jankolas The MercyVerse - Colored by SoleiBee Mercedes Thompson by Catherine03 Let me get that by glassie Zee no likes it by glassie Mine by plutoplus1

Robin Hobb  - Liveship Traders TrilogyThe Farseer Trilogy, The Tawny Man Trilogy, Soldier Son Trilogy
FitzChivalry _ Lord Golden by TakikoKyuuketsuki Nighteyes by Myblack all senses keen by katya-h 'The Golden Fool' by RekhytAnkh Just the Two of Us by SheHawkHuntress ship of fools by katya-h The Pale Woman by VLAC Verity-as-dragon by perkan Fighting Kettricken by VLAC Fool's Fate by VLAC FitzChivarly and The Fool by Sjostrand The Fitz and the Fool by VLAC Nettle by VLAC

Terry Goodkind - The Sword of Truth series
Jennsen by dimary Kahlan by Wictorian-Art Mother Confessor by Antichristofer Master of D'hara by Antichristofer Inspired by Antichristofer Sisters of the Agiel by tyger9000 Richard Cypher-Lineart by brightswordsman House of Rahl by Antichristofer The Blood Rage by mistress524 Fight by klikkitat

Garth Nix - Abhorsen Trilogy, The Seventh Tower series, The Keys to the Kingdom series
Sabriel by Terrizae Mister Monday by mc-the-lane SABRIEL by joshcmartin The Falls at Abhorsen's House by zombat Stairs to Abhorsen's House by zombat

Patrick O'Brian - Aubrey-Maturin series
Captains Jack by theband Captain Aubrey and His Fiddle by jessehbechtold Jack Aubrey + Stephen Maturin by amethystshard Aubrey and Maturin by katie8787 Serenade Before the Storm by DarthFar

Dan Brown - All of his novels
No fan art faves yet

P.C. Cast - House of Night, Goddess Summoning, Divine Series
Untamed :: Stark and Duch by sasukee23loveeer Marked :: Chibis by sasukee23loveeer

Robin D. Owens - The Summoning Series
I haven't found any fan art yet...

Charlaine Harris - Sookie Stackhouse Series
Vamp-bait Sookie Stackhouse by croaky Sookie Stackhouse - True Blood by altharis SVM:  Sookie by righteousred Fanart True Blood by Marc-G Eric and Sookie by coso87 True Blood Sookie Eric by choffman36

Mercedes Lackey - Quite a few books...
Companion Valera Colored by Dwelian

JK Rowling - Harry Potter
Sirius et Harry by HitoFanart Sirius Black by Catching-Smoke A time when life was normal by MioneBookworm

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Name change?

Journal Entry: Sun May 27, 2012, 5:46 PM
So...any of my watchers have an opinion on my username here on DA?  I noticed they implemented a name change policy.  I kinda like my UN, it has history with me, but at the same time I don't think it expresses who I am as an artist very well.  Or maybe it does?

Anyway, what are your (as in, anyone who stumbles across this journal and has an opinion!) thoughts on the whole ability to change names in general, and what do you think of mine?

And just because, here are a few manipulations I have favorite'd recently :)

capsized. by citylight-skylines  Comm. Broehian by jaenalee  You're too Late by FAWN-FRECKLES  The Surf by TheTwistedFate
SLEEPING SUN by Everyll  :thumb289291695:  Deja Entendu. by citylight-skylines  :thumb282361298:

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My Wolf Stock Feature

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 24, 2011, 10:37 PM
By far my most "popular" stock is my wolf stock.  I am happy that I am able to provide stock that people actually use.  As a thank you to all those who do use my stock, here is a feature of those artists' uses of my stock :)

:icondani-owergoor: made a great tutorial on how to replicate this particular image.  Check it out if you are interested!
A Wolf in New York by Dani-Owergoor

Some more great work:

Hallucinogen. by TalksLikeJune there's OCEANS in between us by Wiith The Hunted, the Haunted by BeauArrow Not A Good Place To Be by Taffy-Lynn I'm Playing With The Beast by Ethereal-ity
Wolfy. by AubreyLikesMeatBalls A cold breath ... by zimtwuerfel echo with laughter by Cujie kumlungkan - north wind by Bovec :thumb123882830:
suhq by hyppopatamoose Silence by xTaboo :thumb202622791: little red: there you are. by HelenaRey
Refreshing by Ayane-Sabakuno :thumb263971390: My Beautiful Land by Tuonenkalla sunshine by Fates-Rain :thumb189043218:

There are many good manipulations with my wolf stock so if you would like to see more, check out the folder called "Manipulations with my stock".

Thanks for looking!  :)

And Merry Christmas!

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Journal Entry: Mon Dec 12, 2011, 9:59 PM
Bought myself a pro-account :)  I figured since I could give one away for free it was kinda like getting one for 50% off.

Anyway, I wanted to be able to do some features and I will be putting one together of all the folks who have used my stock.  After that, I'll probably have some features of other stuff.  I don't want to be one of those people who updates their journal every 5 seconds, so I'll be keeping the new entries to a minimum.  I'm just excited to use use this feature and have a nice skin as well :)

I was tagged by :iconcolourize-stock: and I have never done one of these before, so I thought I'd give it a go :)

1. If you would be able to meet a superhero of your choice, who would it be?
Oh man this is tough...I don't know if X-Men are considered 'super heroes' but I would want to meet Wolverine...preferably the Hugh Jackman version :)

2. Harry Potter, Twilight or Lord of the Rings?
I can say with complete confidence never Twilight.  Probably Harry Potter, since I actually read the books.

3. What's the one thing you really want this Christmas?
I can never think of anything I really want for Christmas, mostly because the stuff I want is too expensive, lol.

4. What are you afraid of?
Heights :(

5. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you want to go?

6. Would you label yourself as being a specific stereotype?
Does normal or average count?

7. If you met Justin Beiber, what would you do? (sorry, couldn't resist;)
Pretend I didn't know him, but snap a picture on the sly.

8. What artist's work do you think should be apriciated more? (on deviantart)
:iconadmiralangela: and :iconjaenalee: both have some great, under-appreciated works.

9. Do you have any specific things that you'd like to do in the future?
Nothing super specific...phD would be nice, though!

10. Whats your favourite food?
Tough to answer with one specific thing...probably mint ice cream and chocolate milk :D

Tagged People:
:iconadmiralangela: :iconhudporco: :iconjaenalee: :iconvlac: :iconkiwiaa: :iconraindrm:

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Stock Account

Journal Entry: Mon May 3, 2010, 1:03 AM
I've decided that I do have a fair amount of stock photos, so I made myself a stock account.

I will be deleting some of my more recent stock photos from here and moving them to the new account.  The only ones that will stay here are the wolf and coyote images I have, since they are fairly popular.  I don't want them to disappear on people who fave'd them to use in a future piece.

So, if you'd check out my new account, send a llama or even watch me, I'd appreciate it.



Free counters!

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Anyone know if it is possible to have a section with some HTML in it if you don't have premium?  I want to post a flag counter somewhere on my main page, but I can't seem to figure out how.

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Watchers Feature - Send me stuff!

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 15, 2010, 12:23 PM
I'd like to do a feature for those of you who watch me :)  Please note (or comment this journal) me with a link AND thumbnail of 3-4 of your personal favorite works that you have done.  They can be of anything you like, as long as it is your work :D  If no one notes me, or only one person...well I guess it'll be a 1 person feature.  Send them by the 17th.

I've got new stock coming throughout the next couple days, of some green hills and a few of people, too.

Here are some images from a great friend of mine, :iconadmiralangela:.  She takes lovely photographs, and makes the most delicious looking food.  I hope you enjoy these!

Golden Hillside by AdmiralAngela    :thumb154184594:
:thumb133843869:    :thumb128888077:
:thumb127380651:    Inside A Rainbow Cupcake by AdmiralAngela
:thumb108038101:    Dog Tired by AdmiralAngela

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Journal Entry: Sat Feb 6, 2010, 5:16 PM
I wanted to thank devils-horizon :icondevils-horizon: for the 4 week premium membership.  It was totally unexpected, but very welcome!

Thank you again. :)

I'm also testing out the CSS Skin bear with me, if it looks

Out of her entire wonderful gallery, I wanted to feature a few of my favorites that she has done.

escape with me. by devils-horizon   set you free -- in memory of.. by devils-horizon

ljosid -- lightbringer.. by devils-horizon   alberixus -- decay with you.. by devils-horizon

journey to alkadear.. by devils-horizon

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Well, I haven't posted a journal in a while, so I wanted to update my book reading status.  

Since finishing Robin Hobb's books, I've moved on to the Sword of Truth novels by Terry Goodkind.  They are great!  I think the last three books are probably my favorite, and the first few books are also really good.  The middle books didn't do much for me.  What's cool is that even though I've finished the series, there is a TV show on ABC based off the books as well.  ( )

I've got some fan art half completed based off this series that I have been working on off and on for a month or more.  Not that it means it's gonna be that great, lol, but I haven't felt inspired to finish it yet.  When I search characters names, I'm surprised at how little fan art there appears to be.  Most of it is now comprised of the actors from the TV series, and not created from other sources.  

And last thing is a fantasy movie character list.  I picture these people as characters from the book.  Some of them popped into my head immediately, others I searched for.  I don't list that many characters because I haven't found all the "best" people to play the "parts".  In the TV series, I think they really did a good job with who portrays Cara and Kahlan.  Both actresses look and act how I imagine they would act in the books.  I think Kahlan could look a little more mature than the TV Kahlan, but she does a good job.

Richard:  Paul Walker (… ) (With darker hair I think he would make a good Richard.  I imagine the Richard in the books a little broader/meatier, but Paul is appealing :D )
Kahlan: Kiera Knightley (… )
Zedd:  Christopher Lloyd (… ) (Honestly, how can you not see "Doc" as Zedd?)
Nathan: Bruce Spence ( legendoftheseekertv.wetpaint.c… )( I actually think he would make a better Nathan than Zedd, who he is in the TV series)
Nicci: Megan Fox (… ) (As a blonde, she would make a good Nicci)
Sebastian:  Neal McDonough (… ) (A little older than the book character, but I think he fits well)
Darken Rahl: Bradley Cooper (… ) (Lengthen that hair and put a frown on that face, and you've got a mean Darken Rahl)
Jagang:  Chow Yun-Fat (… ) (I don't think he is bulky enough in that photo, but he's got a Jagang going on)
Cara: Tabrett Bethel ( legendoftheseekertv.wetpaint.c… )(Also from the TV Series, I think she does a great job as Cara)

So, don't hate me for doing that!  :)

What should I read next, any suggestions?
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I finished the last book in Robin Hobb's "The Tawny Man" series...seriously, if you haven't read anything by her, you are missing out.  I love her books!  I love authors who can write fiction and still teach you something about real life.  Her words and books and characters make you think, not just about the story, but how a concept applied to a character could apply to you, as well.  I don't know, maybe I just think too much about what I read, but it's very rare that I can find an author I completely enjoy as much as Robin Hobb.  There are a few others out there...but she definitely makes my top 10 list.

I foresee a lot of Robin Hobb fan art coming  I can't wait till she gets another book out in the "The Rain Wilds Chronicles"...anyone read the first book yet?

The books, in case anyone is interested.  (I am specifically talking about the books that involve Fitz and the Fool.  She also has a great non-related series called "Soldier Son Trilogy".)

The Farseer Trilogy
* Assassin's Apprentice (1995)
* Royal Assassin (1996)
* Assassin's Quest (1997)

Liveship Traders Trilogy
* Ship of Magic (1998)
* The Mad Ship (1999)
* Ship of Destiny (2000)

The Tawny Man Trilogy
* Fool's Errand (2002)
* Golden Fool (2003)
* Fool's Fate (2003)

And a link:…

If you've read and would like to discuss your feelings, let me know!
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EDIT:  My photo won, thank you to whoever voted!

Hey!  I don’t normally send messages like this, but I’m trying to win a photo contest!  So if you could please head over to:

Vote for picture #5 (the marshmallow photo); I’d really appreciate it.  Just scroll down and see where it says "## people are LOVIN this post!  Click and comment you are voting for picture #5.  You don't need a blogger account to vote; do it anonymous if you must!

Thank you!!
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Well, it's time for a vacation!  I'm going on a cruise tomorrow to the Mexican Riviera.  Hopefully I get lots of good pictures of the beach and ocean and fish...and for manipulations :D
So be back in a week!
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If for some reason you find that my picture(s) work perfectly for what you need them for, you are welcome to use them as long as you follow my rules.

1) You must send me a link to the finished piece.  Comments or mail is fine.  If you post the link in the comments section of the image you used, please send it again through my main comments.
2) You must give me (plutoplus1) credit, either in the notes, on the image or somewhere visible.  I don't care if you use my DA icon or just a text link.  Credit is all I ask, please.
3) You can use the photos for any site that you like.
4) No sexual/pornographic content may be used with my images.

Lastly, the ONLY images that you can use are the ones that are NOT already manipulated.  For example, any of my horse manipulations are not OK for you to edit and claim as your own.

If you have any questions, please ask.

Thanks for reading! :)
Since I am taking a photography class, I've sort of re-gotten into DeviantArt again.  Mostly I will be posting equine type stuff, but this is just a first post :D