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Journal Entry: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 12:22 PM
How has deviantART helped you grow as an individual and/or as an artist?

My first deviation posted to this site was on September 3, 2007.
Weewoo by plutoplus1

Not a very good one, to be honest.  At the time, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with art.  As it says in my artists comments from 7 years ago: "I drew this on flash. I am not the greatest artist, but I can kinda draw. I prefer to write, but I appreciate incredible art".  This is still true today.  I still can't draw.  But seeing some of the incredible art on this site led me to take classes at my local college so I could learn more about the wonderful world of art.

Some of my other earliest deviations were my photographs from that class:

Pink African Daisy by plutoplus1  Golden Weeds and Sky by plutoplus1  Orange Oakland Sun by plutoplus1 

And then I realized, I can take a decent picture.  And I have some interesting ones to share, too!

Disneyland Snow White Fountain by plutoplus1 Colorful Ferris Wheel by plutoplus1  Magical Trail Path Bend by plutoplus1

And after my class in photography, I started working with Photoshop.  I took an introduction class with my sister, and didn't really like it at first.  Use just a mouse to draw on a computer?  Wow not that fun.  My Photoshop work sucked!  But as time progressed, I got better at it.  Some of my first photoshop images combined horses, an animal I have always loved, with photos I had taken.  The exercise of the one below was to use a photograph and a scanned image; the horse is from one of my horse calendars (which has since met the garbage) so I don't recall who the photographer of the horse is.

Magical Bend White Horse by plutoplus1  and Magical Trail Path Bend by plutoplus1

And so my work progressed.  I tried to stick with using my own stock as much as I could; at the time, I was not very familiar with the creative commons license, so it seemed the wiser choice.  The images below all use a background photograph taken by me (in some cases, more than one background photo combined):

Nature's Equine Servant by plutoplus1  Park Pathway White Horse by plutoplus1  Choices of Life II by plutoplus1

From Another Place by plutoplus1  Edge of Tomorrow by plutoplus1  I'll Follow You by plutoplus1

Crooked California Trails by plutoplus1  Nature's Wooden Door by plutoplus1  Caribbean Sunset by plutoplus1

Well, after that point I was hooked on art.  I took one additional photoshop class so I could learn more about it, and then was self-taught from there on out.  I realized I could express myself in art through photomanipulation.  I didn't have to be some incredible artist who draws, paints, sketches, molds, etc.  Photographs were already perfect and I could combine them to make interesting and different images, from fan art to personal requests such as flying pink horses for family members.

Ghost Riders in the Sky by plutoplus1   Twin Skies by plutoplus1   Resting Point by plutoplus1

Through the years my art did get better (I like to think, anyway).  I would look back on some of my original pieces and think, wow, that's bad.  So I'd redo it.  I don't have many examples of this, because I'd end up replacing the original on DA as well, but here is one in particular that I think shows this.  The original (left) was quite popular thanks to Diana Gabaldon writing such good books.  I always felt like it was not that great, and worked up the courage to attempt a more accurate version of the same photo, incorporating more things from the novel in the scene.  For example, in the novel, the standing stone circle is up on a hill behind the main characters.  There is a broken down cottage at the foot of this hill.  For those not familiar with the books, the reason for the split images is that time travel is involved.  Starz is making a tv series about the books for those too lazy to read the very large novels :)

Separation - Outlander by plutoplus1   Outlander by plutoplus1

From there on out, I shared mainly photography and photomanipulation.  These were two things I enjoyed, and still do today. 

In fact, my first and only daily deviation was for a photograph I took:

Energy by plutoplus1

My photomanipulation probably outranks my photography in what I enjoy doing most and what I have shared the most of on here.  Regardless, watchers (who I appreciate very much) will continue to get a good mix from me, as I continually refine my craft and share my art with the DeviantArt world.


Room to Spread My Wings by plutoplus1  Fire God by plutoplus1  Spring by plutoplus1  Coming or going? by plutoplus1

Aqua de Vida by plutoplus1     Home by plutoplus1  While the young rest by plutoplus1   Space Flight by plutoplus1

Incredible Journey by plutoplus1  Reflection by plutoplus1     Alignment by plutoplus1   Rest by plutoplus1

  Inspiration by plutoplus1  Unicorn by plutoplus1  What's Out There by plutoplus1   Into the Light by plutoplus1

Fan Art:

Mine by plutoplus1   Kate and Curran by plutoplus1  Walker Papers by plutoplus1


Sunset Surfboards by plutoplus1  Hanauma Bay by plutoplus1  Place of Refuge by plutoplus1  Mini Coastal Alaska by plutoplus1

Green Sea Turtle by plutoplus1  Goblin Valley by plutoplus1  Park Avenue by plutoplus1  Canyonlands National Park by plutoplus1

Train 1 by plutoplus1  Train 3 by plutoplus1  Vancouver - Bridge by plutoplus1  Vancouver by plutoplus1

Thanks for reading!


United States
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Stock Rules/Giving Credit:

Updated: 10/25/12


1) You must send me a link to the finished piece. I ask that you please post a link to your finished piece on any of the stock pieces that you used of mine in your manipulation.

2) You must give me (plutoplus1) credit, either in the notes, on the image or somewhere visible. I don't care if you use my DA icon or just a text link. Credit is all I ask, please.

3) You can use the photos off site *if* you ask permission FIRST *and* I grant permission. I don't have a problem with most sites, but I ask the courtesy of prior notification. Before I will even consider letting you upload a manipulation with one of my photos in it, you must have an identical upload here on DA as well. This includes places like photobucket, tinypic, etc.

CLARIFICATION: What this means is that you have to ASK FIRST, and even then I might deny your request. Just because you ask, it does not grant you automatic permission to use offsite and/or as a print.

4) No sexual/pornographic content may be used with my images. If you have to turn on the "mature content" filter, then you may NOT use my stock with it.

5) You MAY NOT re-post my image with only color or slight changes. Do not even ask if you can upload any of my photos unedited off DA because the answer is no.

6) Please post a link to your work on the stock photo you used of mine. For example, if you used my wolf stock, comment the link to your manip on that particular wolf stock.

7) Please do not post any of my images with swear words on them. If you are unsure what counts as a swear word, ask :)

8) My policy on prints is this: ask first! I typically allow stock that does not have 'people' to be made into prints, but it is a case by case basis. So please do not make a wonderful manipulation with my stock and then ask permission, because I might deny use of it in a print.

Actually, number 8 is my policy on everything. If you have any questions, please ask. If you are unsure of any rules or would like to see if I would make an exception, please ask.

Thanks for reading!

Favorite genre of music: Soft Rock, Pop Hits, New Country
Favorite photographer: Terry Goodkind, Kim Harrison, Karen Marie Moning
Favorite style of art: Manips that look real, even if they are fantastical
Operating System: PC 2008, HP 2009
MP3 player of choice: iPod Classic 120 GB
Favorite cartoon character: Pluto (Disney)
Personal Quote: If you were sorry, you wouldn't have done it.


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